November 13, 2008

Those Crosses by the Highway

Roadside crosses like this are so common in western Virginia that I forget that they are not found everywhere. I ran across a question on the web from someone who saw them while traveling through our state so I thought I'd post a photograph.
three crosses by road

Three Crosses along Senedo Road (Rt. 42)

The tradition of erecting a trio of crosses along highways was apparently started by the late Rev. Bernard Coffindaffer of West Virginia in 1984. He hired work crews and erected over 1800 sets, mostly in the eastern U.S. He died in 1993, but an organization called Crosses Across America has taken over the project.
In related news... motorists along I-81 near Strasburg can't help noticing three huge crosses looming over the trees. At night the sight is downright startling if you are driving south because you round a curve and there they are, tall and brightly lit. Here they are from the other side, behind the Church of the Valley on Route 55.

Article (4/2007): Church raises tallest cross in Eastern U.S.


  1. In a recent trip to NC, we passed through the Shenandoah Valley and saw many of the 3 crosses.
    What was the meaning/definitation of them.

  2. Groups of three crosses began appearing on the sides of highways across the country in 1984, funded by Reverend Bernard Coffindaffer. They refer to the story of the Crucifixion of Jesus.

  3. I was told by others that it is a symbolism for the kkk. I would prefer not to see this hate spewn across this great country.

    1. I was not able to confirm that. I read two different sources listing various symbols for the Klan and they did not include this. I don't think it is accurate.


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