November 1, 2008

Flying to West Virginia

Yesterday I went to our little library next to the air strip to return a few books. Our friend and fellow volunteer Gordon was there talking to the volunteer at the counter. 

"Have you ever seen Bryce from the air?" he asked me. "Would you like to?"

"Yes, I'd love to!" 

"You'll have to help me push the plane," he said. 

I got a camera out of the car and helped him push the plane onto the tarmac. (Glad that I had the little camera in the car -- I sometimes carry it when run errands because I might see deer or really pretty scenery.)  

The plane is shared by three pilots, members of the Sky Bryce Flying Club.

Gordon went through a safety routine and pretty soon we were in the air. The sky was clear and we had a beautiful flight, heading west of Great North Mountain and numerous other ridges. We finally landed at Grant County Airport in West Virginia. Gordon put gas in the plane and I called Frank to let him know where I was. He was definitely surprised.

We flew back over the mountains. I kept snapping photos, although I could not frame the images well due to sun reflecting on the LCD screen. (This camera doesn't have a viewfinder.) Some of the pictures came out slanted and many are blurred but I still got enough to give you an idea of what I saw.  I was gawking at the scenery below the whole time, guessing at where we were, although once we were west of Wardensville, I didn't know the territory below us at all.

Above: Blue Ridge Truss Company (foreground) with Lake Laura nestled in the trees. (The line angling up the right side is a gas pipeline cut.)
Pictured below: A new highway cut in West Virginia. (Perhaps this is the continuation of WV 55 west of Moorefield?)

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