October 31, 2008

Missouri Artist born in Virginia

signThis historical marker is just west of Grottoes, Virginia. It honors the birthplace of artist George Caleb Bingham. Born on a farm that had belonged to his mother's father, he was the son of Henry Vest Bingham and Mary (Amend) Bingham. I don't know if anything is left of the farm buildings, but his grandfather, Matthias Amend, owned a mill, which I assume was near the South River.

The marker reads:
George Caleb Bingham, a renowned American genre painter of the 19th century, was born in a frame house just north of here on 20 March 1811. Bingham moved to Missouri in 1819, where he began painting portraits in the 1830s and later specialized in paintings of the American West. He died in July 1879 in Kansas City, Missouri.
[Marker location on Google Maps: @38.266, -78.838 ]

Addendum: An article from the Augusta County News Leader on historic markers states that the house burned and was replaced by a brick house which still stands.

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