October 21, 2008

Memory Card Disaster Averted

I almost lost a group of photos from my CompactFlash card yesterday. I was able to salvage them using Frank's PC. Since a similar problem happened before, I think I know what I need to do differently.

Saturday night I deleted 30-something unneeded images from the card using Adobe Bridge on my Ibook (laptop) to make space for more. When I went to Belle Grove on Sunday, I filled the card back up. Last night, I wanted to see the pictures, but while I could see thumbnails, I was unable to open them in Photoshop or even transfer them to the laptop.

Apparently deleting images from the card using my Mac is risky. Actually, it's not that easy to do, and probably for a reason. But I deleted them while moving a group to a folder on my laptop (using Batch Rename/ Move to other folder in Adobe Bridge), and this "appears" to work. But it must leave something on the card that shouldn't be there.

Unable to open my new pictures on the Mac, I ejected the card and took it to Frank's PC. They opened fine! I transferred the photos to a folder on his hard drive, then burned the folder to a CD. Took the CD back to my Mac and there were the pictures, behaving normally. Now I can open them in Photoshop and crop, resize, and so on.

I'm glad I didn't lose all those photos from the Civil War event at Belle Grove. There are some good ones - I'll get around to sharing a few with you. (If the PC had been unable to open the pictures, I could have downloaded a software that rescues pictures from cards.)

I put the card back in the camera and reformatted it. Most experts say to reformat your memory cards regularly anyway.

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