October 23, 2008

Foliage Report, Virginia Mountains

Finally we had a frost last night here in western Virginia. This should trigger autumn colors for those trees which have stayed green late this year.

Some of the trees turned in mid-October and a few went straight to brown because of the drought. So we aren't getting the varied display that we've had in years of wetter and cooler weather. Still, the colors here in Shenandoah County have been lovely and may well peak this weekend.

Frank and I drove up to Skyline Drive yesterday, entering at Panorama and driving north to Front Royal. (He has a senior pass, so we don't pay the $15 entrance fee. What a deal!) I must say the colors in that section weren't as nice as we have here in Basye. I believe we had more rain in late summer than they got in Shenandoah National Park. Still, we enjoyed the scenery and learned some things at the Dickey Ridge Visitors Center.
a vista

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