October 22, 2008

Belle Grove, the Mansion

belle grove plantation houseHere are the front and rear facades of Belle Grove in Middletown, VA. The first photo shows the front (facing the Valley Pike); the one below depicts the rear view. Note that the trim over the windows is different.
manor facade
I attended the Living History Events at Belle Grove on Sunday but did not attend the Re-enactment of the Battle of Cedar Creek which was next door. For one thing, I saw part of the re-enactment last October. Then there was a twinge of conscience because I was aware of a controversy surrounding the Cedar Creek Battlefield Foundation, which sponsors the re-enactment. They made a deal with a nearby limestone mining company which is planning to expand onto historic land without telling the Belle Grove folks or the other preservation groups which opposed the expansion.

See the Civil War Preservation Trust page on Cedar Creek.

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