September 11, 2008

A Place Where Peace Began

Entrance to Appomattox Courthouse National Historical Park
on 9/11/08

When I signed the guestbook at the B&B this morning, I realized it was September 11. We were going to Appomattox Courthouse to see the site where Robert E. Lee surrendered his army to U. S. Grant.

This, I thought, is a good place to go today. At Appomattox in April of 1865, two great generals met and took steps to end a terrible conflict.

A few months later General Lee gave this advice:
All should unite in honest efforts to obliterate the effects of war, and to restore the blessings of peace. They should remain if possible in the Country; promote harmony and good feeling; qualify themselves to vote; and elect to the State and General Legislatures wise and patriotic men, who will devote their abilities to the interests of the country, and the healing of all dissensions.

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