September 24, 2008

Historical Marker for a Country Club?

I spotted this historical marker at the entrance to the Riverton Commons Shopping Center near Front Royal. (It's on 340 next to I-66. I mentioned the new WalMart here recently.) It says:

Recreational Center of Front Royal
William E. Carson (1870-1942), the first chairman of Virginia State Commission on Conservation and Development, a local resident, spearheaded the development of the recreational center for use by the people and visitors of Front Royal and Warren County. In 1935, the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) began designing and developing the center's facilities, including the golf course and a rustic clubhouse that once stood nearby. The park opened to the public in 1938. Carson and his wife, Agnes H. Carson, donated the land for the park and dedicated it to the memory of their only son, William E. Carson, Jr. who died in 1925.
Related site: Front Royal Golf Club

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  1. Update: The marker was moved to the golf course entrance around 2011. It's behind the shopping center.


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