August 20, 2008

The View from Adams Lane


We saw a house for sale on a hill with a magnificent view. It's between Basye and Conicville on a quiet country road. Built in 1992, it has an old-timey style porch and plenty of land for gardens. (MLS#: SH6631520)

It wasn't until after we toured the house and entered the garage that I realized I'd been on the premises before. There were signs advertising flowers for sale and they looked familiar. I remembered following these signs 5 or 6 years ago from Senedo Road up Pepper Road and onto a side road -- which was where we were. We had not gone into the house then; we walked around the gardens and bought a plant.

Now the house is vacant and the gardens overgrown. But the house is in good shape and would be great for someone who wants 5 acres and a mountain view.


  1. Hi, Linda! We corresponded previously over the Stony Creek flooding, and I visited your site today to add the URL to my blogroll...and I saw this page.

    This house might look familiar to you... This is my house! What a coincidence :-) We bought it two years ago on 11/13, and I love that view!

    - Stacey

  2. Hi, Stacey! Yes, I saw the picture of your house. I remember how spectacular the setting was. I'm glad you are enjoying it and bringing the gardens back to life.

  3. Thanks, Linda! It's slow, but we'll get there :-)


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