August 25, 2008

More Photos from Woodstock Tower

Below: Looking East toward Fort Valley with the Blue Ridge Mountains in the distance

I convinced both Frank and his sister to climb the steep steps to the top of the lookout tower. Going down the steps is a bit nerve-wracking.

We reached the tower from Fort Valley, taking the road that passes the library there. The road has a few sharp turns but is not downright scary on this (the east) side of the mountain. Don't drive up from the Woodstock (the west) side unless you like narrow mountain roads. Meeting another vehicle there can be disconcerting -- terrifying if that vehicle is a swift-moving truck in the middle of the road.

There's a trail from the parking space on top of the mountain. It's not long but it has steps and rocky spots.

My GPS said the tower is at North 38.870, West 78.449. (On enter @38.870 -78.449.) This may not be exact but it's close.

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