August 13, 2008

I Got U Location

hand holding GPSI got a little USB Data Logger by i-gotU so that I can record the exact location of where I took a photo. I tested it and it worked well. The idea is that it records the latitude, longitude and time, and later the software synchronizes this with the time that the digital camera took a picture. Naturally you have to set the time on the digital camera correctly or you'll have to match the data manually.

There's no way to be sure it's working correctly in the field so you need to test it first. The little light that shows you it's getting a signal is hard to see in bright sunlight, but for the price, it's a great little gadget. Amazing that something so small can communicate with a satellite.

You read the data by docking it to a PC. I'm learning a bit about latitude and longitude - see the page on the Historic Markers Database called How to Obtain the Latitude and Longitude of a Marker for an intro. I've used their Google Maps method but it doesn't work well for locations on a trail; keeps pulling the waypoint back to a street.

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