July 21, 2008

They Missed their Mom!

We met Kate at the Radford exit off I-81. Originally we planned to meet at Fancy Gap, which is near the North Carolina state line. But it took us a lot longer to make the trip than Google maps predicted, plus we got on the road a little late because we had to take Ben to the kennel and stop at the bank, and we had to make some extra pit stops for our smallest person. 

By the time we left Natural Bridge, Kate was already waiting in Fancy Gap. I talked to her via cell phone and she decided to drive closer to where we were.  When our mile markers got close together, we decided on the Radford exit. The boys were really excited to see their mother, and she was all smiles!

They headed back toward South Carolina and we made a brief tour of Radford. I had made reservations to stay at the Peaks of Otter Lodge on the Blue Ridge Parkway so we did not have to hurry home. 

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