July 27, 2008

Frank at the lake, Peaks of Otter

Abbott Lake is a wonderfully peaceful place at dusk. We were glad to be spending a night there.

However, before you rush to reserve a room at Peaks of Otter Lodge, let me warn you: There is no phone, TV, radio, or internet in the regular guest rooms. We did not even get a cell phone signal!

Within walking distance is a restaurant and gift shop building which has a lounge with a TV and phone, so you are not totally without communications.

Our room was comfortable so I can recommend it as long as the lack of internet access doesn't send you into withdrawal. (To me, not having television is a pleasant change.)

The restaurant has a nice view of the lake. I was disappointed in the food because my prime rib came saturated in black pepper. Since I am allergic to pepper and it was cooked in it, I had to return it. I had turkey instead, which was the real thing (not deli turkey) although it was a bit saltier than I like. The service was a little slow but the staff was friendly.

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