June 17, 2008

Linda at age 11

This is me at age 11. That was a long time ago.

Sometimes I feel my age. I have an old sacroiliac injury that has been causing me trouble. This morning it felt like burning in my right hip and lower back; then sharp pains started shooting down the back of my right leg. I called the chiropractor's office and they said Dr. MacDonald could see me at 11:20.

The treatment helped but of course I'll need to go back. A couple of months ago he explained that I have a torqued pelvis, my sacroiliac being a bit out of joint. A nerve was impinged, causing me odd symptoms like numbness in my feet sometimes. The injury goes back many years, maybe 15 or more. Sunday and yesterday we did some gardening and painting so I guess I overdid it and paid the price. Frustrating.

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