June 27, 2008

The Assateague Inn in Chincoteague

entrance to innThe place we stayed is named the Assateague Inn after the nearby island of Assateague. It's just off "Chicken City Road." There's a motel called the Chincoteague Inn not far away; we stayed there a few years ago. It was nice enough but I wanted a place with a kitchen.

So we reserved a one bedroom apartment. The fridge was a bit small with a freezer just big enough for a couple of ice trays, but I was happy to have a two-burner cook top so I could make wheat-free pancakes.

The air conditioning was in the living/dining area only but the bedroom had a ceiling fan and the nights were not too hot. Since our previous stay, wireless high-speed internet has been installed. (Dave may remember how challenging it was to try to get online over the hotel phone system.)
Above is a rear view of the half of the inn which contains our unit. Below is part of the view from our sliding door. Note the large bird perched on the sign.

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