May 29, 2008

Unplug those chargers!

Y'all know to unplug your chargers when not needed, right? This saves energy but more significantly, electrical chargers occasionally cause fires - not often, fortunately, but once in a while a charger or battery is defective and can put off sparks or worse.

I was reminded of this today when I looked up the Apple Powerbook class action settlement. Some users have reported that their laptop chargers put off sparks, catching nearby papers on fire, even ruining the computer! Anyway, I got an email the other day saying I can participate in a class action settlement if my laptop belongs to a rather large group of Powerbooks and iBooks. Rather than click on the link in the email ('cuz you never know if such an email is legit), I searched for info on the case. The URL matches the one in the email and the site appears legitimate. See the FAQ at

I have to admit I leave devices charging at night - probably not a 100% safe thing to do. We always unplug all chargers when we go out though. We also unplug heat-producing small appliances such as the coffee-maker and toaster, just in case. It only takes a few seconds and could prevent a fire, say if a switch stopped working.

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