May 4, 2008


I didn't know the definition of osteopenia until I looked it up after a nurse practitioner told me I have it. I had a bone scan for osteoporosis recently and it showed that the mineral density of my bones is lower than it should be. Since this puts me at future risk for osteoporosis, I'm supposed to increase my intake of calcium and vitamin D.

Yeah, I keep hearing that I need to increase them - also magnesium. I drink two cups of goat milk daily and I take supplements of calcium-magnesium and vitamin D3, sometimes D2 also. I have for a long time. But I need to take more. Not looking forward to it ... I take a lot of supplements already. My blood work always shows deficiencies. Sigh! I eat healthier than most people. It's not fair!

I read online that soft drinks can contribute to osteoporosis. I gave them up several months ago because I don't think the preservatives agree with me. Haven't seen any benefits though, just a drawback: more frequent heartburn.
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