May 13, 2008

How I got an Appalachian Dulcimer

We went to the Flea Market next to the Shenandoah County Landfill on Friday to look for a coat rack. At one booth I spied three handmade dulcimers hanging on the wall. "Oh, that's what you can get me for Mother's Day!" I told my husband. He didn't hear me so I showed them to him and repeated myself.

We asked the lady at the counter if the dulcimer prices were negotiable. She said the man who made them was here and she would get him. We talked to him (Ted Ferrell) and yes, he could give us a 10% discount. He said they were made of local woods.

The one Frank bought me is made of oak and sassafras with a walnut tailpiece. I don't remember how to play one if I ever did -- it's been 25 years since I tried. I've ordered a
book with a CD (Mel Bay First Lessons Dulcimer) to make it easier for me to tune it.

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