May 21, 2008

CD: Global Impact of the American Civil War

I have a lot of work to do on my recent field trip photos. In the meantime, I'll share a Chautauqua lecture by James McPherson that our county library has on CD.

The Global Impact of the American Civil War delivered by James McPherson. 1.25 hrs.
Recorded Books LLC, Great Lecture Library [2006]
This is a lecture given by noted author James McPherson. He discusses the attraction that the American Civil War holds for people in other countries and how they identify with the struggle for independence. On the other hand, our young nation's failure to end slavery had cost us the respect of many of freedom's admirers by the time our Civil War began. McPherson also explains that European aristocrats felt that our democracy was doomed and the secession of Southern States showed that common people were not capable of governing and holding a country together. The struggle for democracy in other countries might have remained uncommon had the Union failed to win the war.

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