May 10, 2008

But the kitchen sink...

I'm not real happy with our new kitchen sink. We accidentally bought one that's extra-deep. I did not want that kind because it strains my back when I lean forward far enough to reach into it, but I didn't see the depth until it was installed. When we saw it displayed in Lowe's, it was ten feet up on the wall and did not look particularly deep. I liked the shape and it met our requirements - double sink, stainless, suitable for a laminate countertop.
Installing it was difficult for Stad the plumber because the cabinet door was narrower than under most sinks due to it being in a corner. And I don't like the way the countertop is cut in front of it - those little angles jutting out are not comfortable. 

I hope I can get used to all this because redoing the countertop and sink would be expensive. Not as expensive as moving though.

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