May 30, 2008

Along Route 7: Battle of Third Winchester

These markers along U.S. 7 remind us that a large battle took place here in 1864. Third Winchester, sometimes called the Battle of Opequon, was the largest battle of the struggle for control of the Shenandoah Valley.

Text for marker J 3:
Third Battle of Winchester

Here Confederate forces under General Jubal A. Early, facing east, received the attack of Sheridan’s army at noon on September 19, 1864. Early repulsed the attack and countercharged, breaking the Union line. Only prompt action by General Emory Upton in changing front saved the Union forces from disaster. At 3 P.M. Sheridan made a second attack, driving Early back to Winchester.

historical marker
Text for marker J 13:
Third Battle of Winchester

On a hill, approximately one-half mile to the west, Philip H. Sheridan established his final position on September 19, 1864. General Jubal A. Early held the ground one-half mile further to the west. At 4 P.M., Sheridan advanced with massed cavalry and infantry and broke Early's line.
Nearby is a historic home that is easily missed because it has been disguised by vines.
Woods House

Wood House, or Spout Spring

This house, now dilapidated, stands next to the Opequon Water Reclamation Facility. See the NPS page on Third Winchester for mention of Spout Spring. Interesting old photos of the house and nearby spring can be seen at

For information on touring the relatively unknown sites of this battle, see Third Winchester information at:

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  1. I drive by this house twice daily and always think it's so said that such a grand house has fallen. It must have been a beatiful home at one time. I often wonder why the historical society in the area isn't stepping up. They seem too on so many of the City Historic homes. Perhaps it's out of their control. Thanks for the info however, I searched high and low to find out what this house actually was.


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