April 4, 2008

Post Number 1200

Now that I've been posting to this blog for 2 years and 9 months, I thought I should catch up and tell you about myself. But when I started writing up a bio, it looked really boring. So I've shortened it as follows:

I grew up in Northern Virginia, married young, raised two daughters, got divorced, went to college part-time and earned an associates degree and eventually a B.S. I had various jobs including youth club organizer, secretary, administrative assistant, portrait photographer, technical writer, and webmaster. Also I volunteered with Alexandria Archaeology for over a decade. Eventually I married again. Now my husband and I are semi-retired. I still do some work on the computer and volunteer work at the library.

My interests include history, photography, art, health, and nature.


  1. Hi Linda. May I have permission to post your photo of the civil war graves at Aldie Va? I would like to post it to my Ancestry.com site on my great great grandfather's page. He was killed at that battle and I assume is in one of the graves. His name was Joseph H. Sparks.
    Daniel Bentley, dan66044@yahoo.com

  2. Hi Linda - thanks for contacting me on www.bitaboutbritain.com I tried to reply, but your email address failed - do you want to check and try again? I couldn't find contact info on your site here.


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