April 18, 2008

Just a Rant

'Scuse for a minute while I vent. I am spending SO much time following up on things... this is one of my pet peeves. If someone says they will do something, shouldn't they do it, especially if they are paid for doing it?

I spent hours this week calling people to remind them to do things they should have done weeks ago. For example, Adobe did not credit me with two refunds that they promised. After I called, they credited one refund and not the other. I may have to contact them yet again. And my doctor's office did not call in a prescription that they promised for over a week. I left them a message, got no response, called again and talked to someone who said she'd check. Finally she called back and said the prescription was sent to the pharmacy - 12 days after it was first written. And the community college charged me for a class that was supposed to be free because I sent in the senior form and it was approved. I had to make several calls to straighten that out - well, actually the charge still shows on my account but they have promised to fix it.

But I'll have to check back and make sure.

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