April 15, 2008

Frank and the Laundry Closet

When we moved here, the washer and dryer were in the little basement room and I had to go outside and walk around the house to do laundry. Knowing this would be uncomfortable in the winter, we had a pantry next to the kitchen converted to a washer-dryer closet.

As part of the kitchen remodeling project, this closet became a bit smaller. This weekend, we installed vinyl flooring in there. Today our contractor put the washer-dryer back in the closet so that we can at least dry clothes. The washer isn't hooked up yet but we still have the old one in the basement and I've been using it again.

After Ken left this afternoon, Frank did some painting. (We picked up some low-odor paint on Sunday from Sherwin-Williams.) Below you see Frank standing on top of the closet getting reading to paint the wall behind him. There's a new window going in tomorrow on the wall where the drywall has been cut out. And in the foreground you can see the new half-wall that replaces the old brown wall and then wraps around in a peninsula.

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