April 10, 2008

An Early Spring Field Trip

Last week I spotted an announcement on the Shenandoah at War website for one of my favorite activities - a field trip class. It was a one-day class at Lord Fairfax Community College in Middletown dealing with Lincoln's Emancipation Proclamation and its effects on African Americans in the lower Shenandoah. Prof. NoyalasProfessor Jonathan Noyalas was the teacher and he provided a lecture in the morning and a tour in the afternoon.

I've taken a photography class at LFCC and I was eager to try out this short course. It turned out to be interesting and enjoyable. A young woman who was a student at LFCC rode with me on the tour, which was good because she helped me follow the printed directions that we had been given to the various sites.

I'm posting some of the photographs that I took here and in another entry I made today.

Our first stop on the tour was Orrick's Chapel in Stephen's City, named for Reverend Robert Orrick. This church served a community of African Americans in the 19th century. It was destroyed in 1864 by Union troops who wanted the building materials for their camp. After the war, Orrick donated funds to rebuild the church. 

Orrick is an interesting man. Born a slave, he eventually operated a successful livery and stable business. He purchased a significant amount of property in Winchester.
churchWe drove to Kernstown (at the south end of Winchester). There we visited the Pritchard-Grim farm. Below is a building on the farm which was partly destroyed by fire. It is thought to have once served as housing for slaves.

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