March 27, 2008

We've Started the Kitchen Project

kitchenWe are remodeling the kitchen. We've talked about it for over a year, and worked with a designer since last summer. But we didn't go ahead and order the cabinets until about a month ago. They will be here in April.

Frank is doing some of the demolition of the old kitchen himself. Then our contractor will come in to build the half-wall before the cabinets arrive.

Today we moved the fridge out of the way, got the "secret house" ready to use as a temporary kitchen, and removed a few boards. Tomorrow we start packing everything in the cabinets. Some of it will go up to the apartment and some we'll put in the garage.

Tomorrow I meet with Nancy again to try to finalize the selection of the countertop. We've selected several before but they turned out to be expensive. Frank and I are both somewhat frugal. (Hey, did I hear a snicker out there? Okay, so maybe we're cheap.)

I still haven't found the oven I want. I'd like a slide-in downdraft range with electric coils, self-cleaning and convection oven. We can actually get a Jenn-air with all this but the controls are just about impossible to read without stooping low and using a magnifying glass. Considering the high price of a Jenn-air, the controls should be legible. So we can get a non-downdraft with everything but the convection feature, which seems to come only on the glass-top ranges. I don't want glass-top because they scratch if you use cast iron cookware plus a lot of people are not happy with them because you have to scrape them clean.

A possible solution is to purchase the cooktop and oven separately and have a cabinet built to house them but talk about pricey... and as you know, we are frugal.

Left: Above the garage is an efficiency which the grandkids call the secret house and Marie calls the Fonzie apartment.

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  1. Guess the grandkids are a bit young for the Fonzie reference.


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