March 13, 2008

Things I learned in Sears today

We went to Winchester (VA) to look at appliances this afternoon.

A friend loves her convection oven so I looked at some for our kitchen remodel which is scheduled for April. The GE Profile sounded good but I was surprised when I read the literature for their Advantium models. You set the time and item selector and the oven's computer decides whether to add convection and microwave cooking.

What if I don't want to microwave my meal? The literature does not indicate whether you can say NO to microwaving.

Although most supposed "risks" from microwaving are not proven, the loss of vitamin B12 has been well documented. And getting enough B12 from our diets is challenging enough.

Well, at least a regular oven is a lot cheaper.

Also, while in Sears I picked up a Lands End flannel shirt and read this on the tag: "The raised surface of cotton can singe if exposed to flames or intense heat especially if you use fabric softeners." Wow! I didn't know fabric softeners increased flammability. I avoid them because they add a bad smell, even the "natural" ones, and because those of us with sensitive skin need to avoid extra chemicals. Besides, I don't need fabric softeners. My dryer softens towels, and natural fabrics don't get static-y like synthetics do.

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