March 12, 2008

Stonewall's HQ in Elkton

Stonewall Jackson slept here. (And here... and here... and here and here...) General Jackson is still a popular hero in the Shenandoah Valley. Many of the places that he stayed or fought have been preserved for posterity.

This one is the Miller Kite House in Elkton, Virginia. It's open on Sunday afternoons in the summer and on certain special event days otherwise. I think one is coming up but I can't find the article.

I took these photos in September. I also have a picture of the Civil War Trails Marker but won't take up space with it here. You can see J. Prat's picture of the sign with it's text here.

A nice thing about the Civil War Trails organization is that they post directional signs on the main road to make it easy to find the markers. Thus you can find this museum easily from route 340 even though it's on a side street.
miller kite house

The interior contains items from the period and a small museum.

museum caseshallway

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