March 19, 2008

Pond Photo, Not 100% Realistic

Pond at Shrine Mont, Orkney Springs

green pond
Another P-shopt image: This picture looked dull. The pond was a dull yellow-green and the surroundings had no contrast because the sky was overcast. Some experimenting in Photoshop brightened everything up.

To start, I made a copy of the background layer for experimenting. That way I can lessen the effect or multiply using layer blending choices. I multiplied the colors here, as you can probably tell. I added a dry brush filter and sandstone texture - hard to see that with this little picture, but I have a 5 MB version that I'll have printed. Don't know if I'll like it enough to hang on the wall; I have an awful lot of enlargements already. Maybe one day I'll sell some at a local crafts show.

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