March 18, 2008

Playing with the Template

Sometimes I hit the Next blog button to see what other blogs are out there. Couldn't help noticing that a lot of them look like mine, as far as the same background and colors. That's because I've been using one of the standard Blogger templates, that is, "Dots Dark" designed by Douglas Bowman, with a dark polka-dot background and matching font colors.

Well, I decided to make some changes. For now at least, the posts will have a solid background, although I'm keeping the dotted background along the side. I replaced a large-dot graphic at the top with a bar of three flowers that I made. After experimenting with different font colors, I kept most of the ones that came with the template because they go with the dotted background, although I did change the color of the blog title to bright blue to match a morning glory in my little graphic.

Useful resource: Web colors at

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