March 10, 2008

Bridgewater College

Last week I met daughter Lynn for lunch in Mt. Crawford. After lunch I decided to stop in Bridgewater to take a picture of the college there for the Historical Marker Database site. I had noticed that they already had a picture of the marker and an old building but had published a request for another campus photo. I took one of the McKinney Center, below.
campus building
I also took a picture of one of the old buildings on campus, now used for administration (next picture). The markers database already had a photo like that so this one is for my own collection (and your edification).

You can easily find Bridgewater by taking the main road west from the Mt. Crawford exit on I-81. You reach the college just before your reach route 42. I published some photos of the river at Bridgewater in November. It's a neat town.

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