February 6, 2008

Stoney Creek and Crooked Run Road

Here's another photo of the swinging bridge over Stoney Creek. I don't think it's in use; the other side appears to be blocked off. The sign from Virginia Department of Highways advises us to "Walk carefully Do not run or otherwise cause this bridge to sway." I was surprised to see a state highway department sign on a footbridge.

The nearby bridge on Crooked Run Road is a low-water bridge; ie, it's passable when the water level is low but not during times of flooding.
This "Stoney Creek" is one of several creeks by that name in the Shenandoah Valley. It runs down to Edinburg and joins the Shenandoah's North Fork.

Below is another part of Crooked Run Road, not far from Deauville Farm. There's a pond on the left. (Outside the picture was a real estate sign, in case you are looking for a scenic piece of rural land.)

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