January 17, 2008

The Guest Sheltie

sheltieOur friend Scamp came to visit on Tuesday and is still here tonight. His family was in Northern Virginia for a few days for medical visits.

Scamp was supposed to go home today but by early lunchtime we had four inches of snow and his family was afraid they might slide off the road up here. They did make it to their home safely. We were glad to keep Scamp a little longer.


  1. hi there , I feel like I've been invited into your world and what a lovely world it is ! Your use to all the snow too , I live in north Canada and my view from the porch looks allot the same though it be Jazz & Daisy looking wishfully outside(the cats that have us!). Such a pretty neck of the woods you live in ~ kindest wishes.krista

  2. hello , this is krista again - you don't have to post this , today we have a cold one ,it's -31 below now and (going up to -13 this afternoon so not too bad , eeks !) have a great day !


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