January 30, 2008

Cardinal on a Branch

I took this picture last week while the ground was still blanketed with snow. This week we had temperatures above freezing and some hard rain, so most of the snow has disappeared.


  1. Hey, how r u doin? Its the very 1st time i'm visiting your blog, but i loved your shots (i liked the slide show best!), altough this one is very beautiful too. Nice job!
    I just started a new blog, so you can leave a comment if u like it (the posts are in portuguese, but i will love if you comment it anyway) Bye!

  2. Hey, how r you doin? This is the very 1st time im visiting your blog, and i loved ur shots (I liked the slide show better!). Nice job!
    I just started a new blog, so you can leave a comment if you like it (the posts r in portuguese, but i'd love you to comment it anyway).. Bye!

  3. nice pictures, nice blog!




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