November 12, 2007

Over the Mountain to Wardensville

We took a ride yesterday into West Virginia. We crossed Great North Mountain on Wolf Gap Road, which goes through the national forest. We've taken it to the top of the mountain before but this was the first time we continued down the other side. It turned out to be an easy drive on the other side, not as twisty or steep as the Virginia portion.

tractorOnce in West Virginia, we made a big circle via 55 west, 29 north, 50 east, and 259 south to 55 east which took us back to Virginia. I've noticed that most of the north-south roads in West Virginia look pretty much alike. They run along valleys between the mountain ridges so they are fairly straight and level. The east-west roads, however, cross the ridges so they curve a lot as they climb and descend.

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