November 29, 2007

Emarel Freshel is in Wikipedia

There is now a Wikipedia page on Emarel Freshel, who was my grandfather's half-sister.

The page appears to be authored by Kurt Forstner of Vienna, Austria, a frequent writer for Wikipedia, and then corrected by Mike McMahon, a reviewer of cookbooks. (Emarel wrote a vegetarian cookbook.)

Here's a tidbit I received on Emarel's second husband, Curt Freshel. A woman named Judith who is researching her family tree just wrote me that Curt Freshel's grandmother was Wilhelmina Koesch (married name) and his mother was Louise Koesch, born between 1859 and 1862. Judith is working on a genealogy of her FRESCHL ancestors and discovered my blog. Uncle Curt was her cousin 2X removed but Americanized his name. Curt's father was Alfred Freschl. She traced their ancestors back to about 1740 to a little Bohemian village. They were Jewish. All of this is new to me!

Isn't it marvelous that I can post a few entries online about someone in our family tree and get information from strangers via email?


  1. Another genealogy page lists Curt's mother as Louise Kochet and gives Courtney as an alternate to his first name Kurt. It says that his father Alfred sailed with his parents from Hamburg to New York on the Cimbria with his parents.

  2. A Mr. Kaplan emailed me as follows:
    "I looked up Curtis P. Freshel on the web, and came to your site. He was a close friend. I loved him, and admired him greatly. I never knew his wife. She died before I met Mr. Freshel in 1960.

    I have some of his essays and would be pleased to send copies to you if you are interested.

    I also knew Henry Bailey Stevens who is mentioned on your website.

    Does the name "Honor Young" mean anything to you?"

  3. I am the owner of Bakon Yeast Inc., a company that Curtis P. Freshel started in 1933. I know that he was a NY entrepreneur and was well connected with the social set in NYC as he had an apt. at 40 Central Park South. He knew a lot of famous people. Any info that you can provide would be welcome

  4. Phyl, you can see all my posts about MRL and Curt from this search result:


  5. Hi Linda,
    My name is John W Freshel son of Alfred Freshel...I would like to now how can I find more information on the Freshel Family.
    Here is what I know: Curt Freshel was brother of John L Freshel my grandfather. John L Freshel came to Brazil 1924. I still have many pictures and books from Alfred FROESCHL (orioginal name).


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