September 28, 2007

Where We Stayed in Williamsburg

Hampton Inn & Suites
1880 Williamsburg Road

We were two miles from the historic district but at least we were close to restaurants. This is the view from our window.

It's not a pretty view like have at home but you can't have everything. I had reserved a suite so that we had a place to cook and a fridge. This was helpful because it is hard to get a gluten-free milk-free breakfast away from home. Unfortunately, the skillet provided was not "seasoned" so I scorched it just making pancakes. For a minute I feared the smoke-alarm would go off! The pancakes, which were rice-flour based, tasted good anyway.

Anyway, we were happy with the hotel. The desk clerk, Sammy, was very helpful, and I had wireless internet.

We didn't spend much time in the historic district since I really wanted to see the new discoveries in Jamestown. Last time either of us were there, we were told that the remains of the fort were under the James River. Since then archaeologists have proved that this was not the case.

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