September 20, 2007

The Lion's Tale Trail

trail signI'd heard about the Lion's Tale Trail but had not been there until yesterday. It's near Camp Roosevelt and Fort Valley. A project of the Lions Clubs of Virginia, it was built with special features, such as a places where a child in a wheelchair can touch spring water or dip his toes in a pond. It's only half a mile long and provides a pleasant walk in the National Forest.
spring signThe interpretive signs will appeal to children. They feature a mountain lion telling about the sights of the forest. (Don't worry, mountain lions haven't been seen in this area for generations.)

footbridgeI imagine this area will be lovely in a month when the colors change. I know Passage Creek farther down at Elizabeth Furnace is gorgeous in autumn.

intersection in woodsThe Lion's Tale Trail is on Forest Road 274, which I think is a little hard to find coming from Edinburg or Mt. Jackson. At the intersection next to Camp Roosevelt, it's the road that is not well-marked! (Camp Roosevelt Road and Moreland Gap Road are more easily identified, at least for me. FDR 274 is also called Crisman Hollow Road.) Fortunately I had a little map in a Forest Service brochure called Massanutten Motor Mountaineering which cleared things up. If you come in from US 211, 274 is easier to find. It's practically across from the visitor's center at New Market Gap.

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