August 13, 2007

Book on the West Virginia Campaign

E.B.I found Lee Vs. McClellan: The First Campaign in our county library. The first sentence began with the name of someone I know: "E. B. Vandiver, a longtime student of the Civil War, provided the inspiration for this book." E.B. is a member of the Civil War class from NVCC that I have been taking field trips with for 18 years.

Newell covers much the same territory as our professor's book, The Glories of War: Small Battle and Early Heroes of 1861, which is longer because it also describes 1861 actions in eastern Virginia.

Many history buffs are unfamiliar with the struggle for western Virginia, but it is an interesting story. I have posted photo tours of the Kanawha Valley Campaign and the Cheat Mountain Campaign, but for the dramatic details, read one of the books listed above.

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