July 17, 2007

Young M.R.L.

Here's a photo of my grandfather's sister MRL when she was young. I have others; apparently her mother had her portrait taken many times.
Born Maud Russella Lorraine Carpenter, she preferred to use the initials MRL for her name, which eventually became Emarel. She married Ernest Sharpe, and after he died, Curt Freshel.

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  1. Hi Linda!
    I'm gathering material for a book on my FRESCHL family and have just discovered the connection between my FRESCHL family and Curt (Kurt) Freshel (FRESCHL)!Curt was my 1st cousin, 2x removed, and I have his ancestry (male line) back to abt 1740 to a little Bohemian village. The family is Jewish (another reason he probably changed his name). Please get in touch!
    He is not on my website yet as I just discovered the connection.


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