July 26, 2007

Searching for a Squirrel?

I like to check my site statistics to see what search terms are bringing people here. Often people are looking for a phrase that does not appear in my blog, but the individual words appear separately in one of my entries. Often the word squirrel is part of the phrase, as of course, it appears in my blog title. Here are some of the phrases that have showed up recently:
  • squirrels happy birthday

  • squirrels martial arts

  • how to lure a squirrel back home

  • squirrel allergies

  • CPR for squirrel

squirrel on railAs intriguing as these ideas are, they are not covered in my blog - sorry!

Disclaimer: I don't actually live on Squirrel Ridge, so "The View from Squirrel Ridge" is an fanciful name for this blog. When I made up the title, I was living across the resort on a ridge that had no name that I was aware of and we had a lot of squirrels, so I called it Squirrel Ridge. Last year we moved to Supinlick Ridge but I didn't change the blog name. After all, we have squirrels here too!

One search phrase that does occur on this blog: Staring squirrel.

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