June 3, 2007

Civil War Tour Dog?

Our cocker spaniel likes car rides and long walks so I got the idea that I could take him to the various Civil War sites around here. Here he is at the county park at Maurertown, which has an interpretive trail regarding the Battle of Tom's Brook.

In the left-hand picture, Ben has found a little shade at New Market Battlefield.

Unfortunately the extra exercise has not eliminated his bad temper. He barked and growled yesterday morning and acted like he was going to bite me. I called the trainer and she thinks he is "resource guarding." Since he's usually around his bowl when he growls, she said to remove his bowl when he is not eating; also put his toys away. The idea is that he needs to know that we provide his bowl and toys while also removing them when he is not using them so that he doesn't feel the need to guard them from us.

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