May 23, 2007

Philippi, WV

View of Philippi from Talbott's Hill

The Philippi Covered Bridge

Philippi was the site of one of the first land battles of the Civil War. It is located along the Tygart River and has a famous covered bridge that is still in use.

The old train station is now a museum which is free to visit unless you want to view the mummies, for which you pay a fee of one dollar. If you go there, don't miss the photos of the 1985 flood - scarier than the mummies, I'd say, except that I didn't see the latter.

Here's our class returning from a short walk to see the site of the first amputation of the Civil War. The unfortunate soldier who had his leg amputated was an engineering student who went on the develop an artificial leg and began a company which manufactured artificial limbs - and it's still in existence!

The small museum was staffed by a couple of helpful people, one of whom was an animated lady in a flowered hat. Here you seeing her talking with a member of our group.
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