May 18, 2007

Farewell to a good dog

My dog Guppy has gone on to doggy heaven. He was fifteen. We will really miss him.

Before he departed he slept almost all day. The vet said his white blood cell count went higher instead of lower in spite of the antibiotics. When I tried to rouse Guppy this afternoon, he barely opened his eyes, lifted his head slightly, and gave just one small wag of his tail. Then he went back to sleep.

Now he has gone and he is released from his health burdens and declining strength. Guppy, thank you for all the years of companionship and for being such a great dog. We love you.


  1. Dear Linja,
    Guppy sounds like a great animal. A "dog of a lifetime," as my father likes to call 'em.

    I hope you're not too sad. Ax (Marie's writer friend Amanda)

  2. Your post moved me to the day 'Nuska' our doberman passed away. I felt stupid when a tear came and droped trough my face. Now I feel proud of it.



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