May 29, 2007

Corrick's Ford

This is the place where Confederate General Garnett was killed in 1861. He was the first general killed in the American Civil War.

There is a paved trail from Parsons, WV to Corrick's Ford. It's on Shaver's Fork. If you want to see an area map, click on the image to the left - it's from a Civil War Trails sign at the site.

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  1. The moon is gone.

    She fled as dawn approached.

    Dawn as a slowly opening eye.

    White sea birds skimming over the water,

    looking for an early morning snack.

    The mirror brightens.

    From a blood moon at dawn to a mirror

    reflecting waking life...


    I woke her to take the moon.

    Her campaign was swift and terrible.

    Metallic and fierce.

    Glaring up in the twilight.

    But the moon was both implacable and unreachable

    and in the end the war against the moon failed.

    As dawn rose slowly from her bed, the moon slipped away.

    But in the end, all that was lost,

    was a little sleep....


    1 June 2007

    Burning Moon

    Moon Fire

    Blood Moon

    smoked Moon

    Smoky Moon

    Smouldering Moon


    4 June 2007

    After the storm, my mine cleared.

    And a high wind arose and blew the tropics north.


    running quartz crystals through a blender.

    sand through your engines.

    bubble in your bays.

    estuaries reaching out toward forbidden seas...

    sand through your eyes.


    5 June 2007

    Calm as baby's breath

    as peaceful as the storm's eye

    Clouds spread and drawn with rough strokes of stratospheric winds

    a warm and windy tropical day.


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