April 21, 2007

The high-priced spread

Once in a great while I buy some goat butter. It does not give me tummy pain for several days the way cow butter does, and I like buttered vegetables now and then.

This tiny pack of goat butter cost $3.99 - that's $15 a pound! That's one reason I don't buy it often. The other is that I can't buy it around here. I have to drive 2 hours to Whole Foods to find it, so naturally I only buy it when I happen to be in Northern Virginia for some other reason.

Last weekend we drove up to Woodbridge to put a house up for rent and I insisted that we make a side-trip to the new Whole Foods at Fair Lakes. It's a nice store, very large, with a huge section devoted to salad bars and ready-to-eat foods. If you've never been in a Whole Foods at lunch time, you haven't seen the frenzy of hungry people buying containers of tasty foods to eat for lunch. Obviously not everyone wants a burger and fries!

Anyway, I did not find the goat butter right away but a couple of friendly store employees helped me locate some - it had just come in and wasn't even on display. I purchased two of the precious little packets. I use just a tiny bit at a time so it will last me a while.

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