April 13, 2007

Field Trip

Dr. Poland has sent out information on this season's Civil War Class. The lectures will take place on field trips as follows:
May 18: Deals with the Northern Invasion Corridor, Winchester VA area.
May 19-20: Deals with West Virginia 1861, starting in Grafton on 5/19 after lunch. Overnight at Elkins.

The West Virginia tour will be similar to the trip I took in 1999 which included Grafton, Phillippi, Corrick's Ford, Cheat Mountain, Greenbrier River, and Camp Allegheny.

The class is for-credit but just about anyone can sign up (for the cost of tuition). The course description is at www.nvcc.edu/schedule/crs2073/course_detail_new.asp?indexno=19911.

The instructor is Charles Poland Jr., author of a thorough book on the struggle for West Virginia called The Glories of War, and it is available through Amazon.

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