March 29, 2007

Greek Food in Stephen's City

There aren't many restaurants serving souvlaki in the Shenandoah Valley, and Frank used to eat it frequently when we lived in Montclair. So last night we went to the Roma Restaurant with some friends. It's almost an hour away in Stephen's City just off I-81. Anyway, he really enjoyed the food. I had a stripped-down gyro salad which was okay considering I had to have it without cheese (to which I am allergic).

On Wednesday nights the restaurant features a "belly dancer." Her outfit was less revealing than some figure-skating costumes and the dancing was not racy compared to what you see on MTV, although she shimmied like Shakira. She was attractive in her sequined dress and made her entrance wearing a headdress decorated with lighted candles! It looked more risky than risque'.

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