January 31, 2007

The trip home

Our flight home from California was uneventful. Security did not hassle me about my little cans of tuna and salmon, probably because I cooperatively placed them in a zip-lock bag and left them out for inspection. My husband did not fare so well. He had placed some tiny bottles of toiletries in his carry-on bag instead of his checked luggage, and they were confiscated because he failed to put them in a zip-lock bag. Ah, the joys of flying...

I do recommend flying Jetblue into Long Beach when you go to LA. The price was good and Long Beach Airport is small so you don't have to walk far. It was built around 1929 and it feels historic.

The flight had satellite TV and I wound up watching La Bamba, the Richie Valens film. Perhaps it wasn't the wisest choice for inflight entertainment - it begins and ends with a plane crash! But you don't see the one at the end, you see his brother's shocked reaction to the news on the radio.

I thought the actors who played Richie's brother and mother gave strong performances. Unfortunately the headphones that the airline provides are pretty awful so the music was pretty much ruined. Still, it was a diversion for a long flight.

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