January 3, 2007

Bernie Boston's Book

I just read Bernie Boston - American Photojournalist by Therese Mulligan. Actually, I spent more time looking at it than reading it. There is not much text, but lots of interesting photographs.

Bernie is an important person here in Basye. He publishes the monthly newspaper, The Bryce Courier. But before he retired he was a photographer who I had actually heard of, a photojournalist who covered the White House and before that, the Civil Rights movement. Those of us who remember the 1960's, 70's and 80's will recognize some of his work. The most famous are Flower Power and Corretta Scott King at the Unveiling of her Husband's Bust in the Rotunda, There are other great photos in this book too. Recommended.

See Bernie Boston - American Photojournalist on Amazon.

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